Ernesto Espinoza

Associate Attorney - Litigation Department

Law Degree; Lawyer and Notary Public with a postgraduate degree in Family Law, as well as in Civil Procedural Law, and Labor Law and Social Security. Mediator Lawyer authorized by the DIRAC, through the Institute of Higher Judicial Studies. His professional practice has focused on legal advice and litigation in matters of Intellectual Property, Civil Law, Commercial, Labor and Family Law, as well as in everything related to Notary Public and Extrajudicial and Judicial Collections. 

He has also served as Labor Inspector; Head of Trademarks and Copyrights; Alternate Registrar; Credit card legal counsel; Legal advisor in matters of Intellectual Property, which involves everything related to the Registration of Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights and Sanitary Registrations. He has also worked as an analyst in investigation of cases related to violations of Trial Lawyer – Independent, with emphasis on intellectual, civil, commercial, labor and family property, as well as everything related to notary public.   


 (505) 7705-3704