Corporate and Commercial Law

  • Creation of Companies in General 
  • Commercial Contracts: Distribution, Suppliers, among others. 
  • Atypical contracts: Join Ventures, Leasing, among others. 
  • Corporate agreements: Preparation of Minutes of General Shareholders' Meetings, Notarial Certifications of Minutes. 
  • Business Due Diligence 
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Real estate law

  • Purchase and sale of real estate. 
  • Property Due-Diligence 
  • Lease contracts, antichresis. 
  • Special Trials: Demarcation, Horizontal Property, Law between commoners, Acquisitive prescription, Possessory. 
  • Denial of Goods  
  • Registration Requests 
  • Certificate of Liens
  • Requests for Literal Certificates 
  • Approval of Topographic Plans 
  • Constitution of Servitude and Usufruct.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

  • Registration of Trademarks, Trade Names, Advertising Signal. 
  • Renewal of Trademark Registrations. 
  • Transfers/Assignment of Trademark Rights. 
  • Searches of Trademark Registration Records or by Owner. 
  • Modifications to applications in process. 
  • Copyright and Related Rights: Artistic or scientific works, Photographic Records, Literary, audiovisual or radio works. 
  • Patents: Application for registration of patent of invention, Searches of international / national background, Request for Conversion of application. 
  • Sanitary, Pharmaceutical, Biological and Satellite Registrations

Immigration Law

  • Applications for Temporary or Permanent Residencies: Parent, Entrepreneur, Retired, Work and Investor Link. 
  • Extensions of Stays for Foreigners
  • Passport Renewal 
  • Exit permits for minors    
  • Nationality Applications.

Maritime/Cuatoms Law

  • Registration of User Management Module (MGU) before the General Development of Services Aduaneros.  
  • Registration in the Register of Importers before the General Directorate of Services Owners.
  • Update of Importer and Exporter Registers before the General Directorate of Services Aduaneros.
  • Registration in the Register of Exporters CETREX. 
  • Registration as General Shipping Agents, before the General Directorate of Water Transport of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. 
  • Registration as Cargo Consolidators before the General Directorate of Water Transport of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Labor Law and Occupational Safety

  • Employment Contracts
  • Labor Audits
  • Internal Regulations (approval of MITRAB). 
  • Labor Lawsuits 
  • Employer Registries (INSS) 
  • Assistance in Dismissals by application of article 45 or other articles of law. 
  • Application for Occupational Health and Safety Licenses. 
  • Approval of Labor Contracts before MITRAB. 
  • Request for Proof of Compliance before MITRAB.

Civil Litigation

  • Declarative Processes: Ordinary Trials, Summary Trials
  • Voluntary Jurisdiction: Declaration of Heirs, Capital Increase
  • Order for payment proceses
  • Enforcement: Monetary Execution, Foreclosure, Obligations to do or not to do

Portfolio ​Management and Recovery

  • Current and Non-Performing Portfolio Management 
  • Sanitized Portfolio Recovery 
  • Judicial and Extrajudicial Collections
  • Evaluation and monitoring of outstanding payments


  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and Statutes of Free Trade Zone Regime. 
  • Application for entry into the free zone regime - National Free Zone Commission. 
  • Request for Free Zone Entry as Operator, User or Zofa. 
  • Registrations with state entities

Banking and Financial Law

  • Review of Formalization of Bank Credits. 
  • Formalization of Contracts in General. 
  • Advice on account openings 
  • Advice on bank loans 
  • Mortgages, pledges. 
  • Investment options. 
  • Insurance

Notarial Services

  • Granting of Powers of Attorney for Customs Services
  • Deeds of Purchase and Sale of Real Estate 
  • Deed of Revocation of General Power of Administration 
  • Deed of General Power of Attorney of Administration 
  • Deed of Generalissimo Power 
  • Special Power of Attorney Deed in General 
  • Deed of Special Power of Attorney related to Purchase and Sale of Real Estate 
  • Deed of General Judicial Power of Attorney 
  • Deed of Special Power of Attorney for customs procedures 
  • Deed of Mortgage Cancellation 
  • Deed of Sale of Vehicles 
  • Notarial Declaration 
  • Translation Writing (does not include translation service) 
  • Public  Deed of Translation of Documents 
  • Translation Protocolization Deed 
  • Reasons for Photocopying 
  • Permission to Travel 
  • Certification of Minutes of the Board of Directors or General Assembly of Shareholders 
  • Deed of True Date and reason at the bottom of the private document